I play drums, sing backing vocals and (help to) write songs in WE SIGNAL FIRE, a four piece alternative rock band based in Manchester. You can listen to a track for free on Bandcamp and you can get our debut EP YOUNG BLOOD on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Rdio and more.

WE SIGNAL FIRE combine melodic, driving riffs with anthemic choruses and heartfelt lyrics. WE SIGNAL FIRE’s music is uplifting, energetic and exciting, three traits we also bring to our live show.

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Web Developer

By day I write web applications, I'm currently a Senior Web Developer writing e-commerce software at docnet in Manchester. I've been working as a Web Developer since 2008. I'm a full stack web developer and have worked on a range of projects, ranging from small mainly frontend projects such as this website and wesignalfire.co.uk, to large scale backend websites and applications, the largest being gear4music.com which I have been working on since 2012.

I am not currently looking for a new job, please do not contact me regarding developer positions.


I cycle as much as I can, I like a good beer and I drink a lot of coffee. I'm also working on a few side projects such as f1rul.es and TeamPomodoro.