Sings, Screams and Synths in THETA, a four piece sludgy/grungy/noisy post rock/metal band based in Manchester (Instagram)

Drums and Drones in GONG POLISHER, "Blackened Drone Doomgaze / Witchmountaincore from shamanic time travelling witch hunters Martus Downtlby & Jacoby Shepariah", according to our Twitter profile

Web Developer

By day I write web applications, I'm currently a Senior Development Team Lead, writing e-commerce software at Gear4music in Manchester. I've been working as a Web Developer since 2008. I'm a full stack web developer and have worked on a range of projects, ranging from small mainly frontend projects such as this website, to large scale backend websites and applications, the largest being gear4music.com which I have been working on since 2012.

I am not currently looking for a new job, please do not contact me regarding developer positions.


I cycle as much as I can, I like a good beer and I drink a lot of coffee. I'm also working on a few side projects such as f1rul.es and TeamPomodoro.